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Shoe Accessories

Dynamic Boxliner

This Gaynor Minden product is so innovative it’s patented! Dynamic Box Liners hug the top and sides of the foot to keep it in place. By preventing the foot from sliding...


Second Toe Kit

Because sore toes do not make you a better dancer — but neither do bulky, inefficient toe pads. This Gaynor Minden kit is specially designed to fit inside your pointe shoes.   Second...


Adhesive Toe Wrap

Bunheads Adhesive Toe Wrap. Wrap around individual toes or tape toes together to help prevent blisters and chafing. Made with latex-free glue for sensitive skin. Self-adhesive so no sticky residue left behind! Perfect...

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Deodorizing Pouches

Keep your shoes fresh with this Bunheads product.   Sealed linen bags come pre-filled with superporous bamboo charcoal to naturally absorb odors and moisture from your shoes, or dance bag. Place the...

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*Bloch Covert Elastic*

**Sorry this item is not available for purchase online but is available in store. Please call for price and availability**   Pre-cut 1 inch wide invisible elastic to sew on pointe shoes for added...


Dance Stop Lambs Wool

Avoid blisters by using Dance Stop Lambs Wool, made from 100% pure New Zealand lambs' wool that is soft and durable. Sourced locally the lambs wool is gently hand washed and dried, ready...


MDM Ultra Flex Paint

MDM Ultra Flex Paint was created to touch up paint peels and scuff marks on MDM leather ballet slippers. This paint is suitable for all pink leather shoes, including Elemental...


Waproo Colour Change Paint

Spruce up your ballet flats or Jazz shoes with this colour change paint.  Suitable for genuine leather, delicate leather, light weight plastics and most vinyls.


Silicone Pointe Pouch

For use in Pointe Shoes to protect the toes from injury. One size fits all - easily trimmed for a better fit. Care Instructions: These toe pads can be washed with hand...


Toe Spacers

Keep those toes straight in your pointe shoes or ballet flats. The majority of dancers do not need to use spacers in their pointe shoes. But in some cases, spacers can...



Pre-cut 23mm pointe shoe ribbon with elastic sewn into the length which assists in reducing strain that is commonly placed on the Achilles tendon.   Our most popular choice to sew on to...


Pro Pointe Pouch

Energetiks Blister Buster Pro Pointe Pouch cushions the tops and tips of toes. Fabric absorbs sweat so will help to increase the longevity of your shoes. No gel under the foot Thin...